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Cost Consultancy


Cost control is a key element of the Construction Management phase of a project. Construction cost control includes:

• Performing  adequate project reviews to minimize unexpected costs
• Establishing a construction cost cash flow plan
• Monitoring cost performance to detect and understand variances from plans
• Ensuring that all appropriate changes are recorded accurately
• Preventing incorrect, inappropriate, or unauthorized changes from being included in the cost baseline
• Informing appropriate stakeholders of authorised changes
• Acting to bring expected costs within acceptable limits


Central to cost control during the construction stage of a project is the determination to complete the project within the original budget. Variations are continuously monitored and cost reports updated to show the current position to the client as established by good record keeping and good physical control in the field.

In the event of a projected cost over-run, evasive action will be taken by making design adjustments to achieve any necessary cost reductions.


Contract Administrator

Acting as the Contract Administrator for your project, we will complete comprehensive and timely administration of all project related documentation and information.

We will also compile the relevant documentation required in order to prepare a formal building contract between the client and main building contractor.

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